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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

On one's return from an unannounced hiatus.

Just what do you say when you come back to the blogosphere from an extended leave of absence from an audience that is both incaptive and , for the most part, non-existent.

The only thing that comes to my mind is to post something quite random and nonsensical, since nobody is going to be around to hear it anyway.

For this great re-opening of posting to the blog, I'd like to start out with a post from one of the artistic blogs I follow. A recent Ectoplasmosis posting was headlined "Noise du Jour’s High Concepts: “Bitch, Go Buy Me a Hot Dog” by Bogart Shwadchuck". I found the title of this album, as well as the premise "This is a concept album. The concept is that I tell a bitch to go buy me a hot dog, and she does. While she is buying me a hot dog, I wait patiently, and do The Robot. I eat the hot dog and it is delicious." to be so confusing that I could not avoid downloading and listening to the entire four track release.

Was it misogynistic? Was it some sort of pimp-rap? Is it possibly some sort of conspiracy by Oscar Meyer to get us to buy weiners of dubious origin?

Actually, the latter seems the most likely, as the entire track is an upbeat Electronica dance mix occasionally cut with audio from old Frankfurter commercials. I wouldn't mind bringing this along to the next Anonymous protest.

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