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Thursday, April 5, 2007


I find there exists a horrible disparity between the availibility of news, expert opinions, and investigative reports, and the general awareness of such things among my 18-25 peers. In response, I am putting together this blog to aggregate important editorials and headlines in diverse fields important to my local Houston, Texas, the nation at large, and the international community.

I refuse to link the unimportant antics of (Celebrity) , the death counts and petty crimes posted in the local paper, or what venue holds the latest trend. These things only affect the parties involved. If you truly care about them you would already have read them from a tabloid or some other traditionally circulated publication. I personally track several dozen news services on a wide variety of topics, but as the attention span of my age group tends too thin for that amount of material, this blog is focused towards only the most noteworthy of articles. My intention by it is do provide the news that is directly affecting the lives of my peers and the future direction, both long and short term, of varying levels of government and politics. Some examples might be the insecurity of Diebold voting machines, abuses of intellectual property laws driving the copyright crisis, violations of human rights as a result of those in positions of power, and the latest advances in ability-enhancing modifications to the human body.

Please bear with this temporary location as I go through the process of establishing a new internet connection and setting up a website.

tl;dr, Pay attention! This is important!

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