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Thursday, April 5, 2007

First batch of news.

Techdirt reports that another child incapable of taking criticism nation has banned youtube for a single offensive video. The poster who uploaded the video has taken it down. As techdirt says, this sort of reaction only draws more attention to the offense in question. The proper way of censoring an idea is not to draw more attention to it.

Slashdot has a post showing patent application for a Hybrid Machine/Human Computing Arrangement. Basically, this is crowdsourcing for computers. First step towards a Manna system. I for one, do not welcome our robot-people overlords.

Slashdot is also linking an article showing how completely useless the change to daylight savings is. While the California energy department still affirms that setting our clocks back for half a year conserves energy, power companies don't seem to be feeling the difference. (Insert joke about the opposite of progress). Political bashing aside, there is a real problem with how elected officials conflict science.

And finally, Make online has a blog post up detailing Quinn Norton's body hacking talk. Hit it up for a primer on to the current state of functional body modification and some things we should look for over the next year or two. If you can stomach a ~180 MB download, there is a video link posted on BMEZine's Modblog.

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F.6 N.66 said...

I shall be loving and kind and soothe your ego with a comment. I think the name is a little odd, but I suppose it may work out well enough. Me, I avoid and abhor politics, particularly when they ignore facts. And I just don't have any real hope for people as a genearl thing. Oh well, three cheers for the attempt and the hope that maybe you'll get something moving in a brain or two. Hurrah.